Vane Vane Panic

The programmer has a nap. Hold out! Programmer!


Writer-type individual. Writes in a professional capacity about games, anime, manga, Japan, figures, and a multitude of other geeky topics on a freelance basis. Enjoys gaming, drawing, nerd culture, and internet trainwrecks.

Asperger's-diagnosed, but I don't drag that fact out much, since all the kids on the 'net these days think it's a cool thing to have (urgh) and/or love to use it as an excuse for idiocy.

I attempt to avoid excessive moping and whining in this journal. LJ has a big enough population of angsty teens and attention whores, and I think I should try to avoid adding to that as much as possible. I'm only human, though, and if I'm going through an especially bad time I'll probably want to write about it. Most such entries will be locked.

Other LJ users: If it's not pretty obvious already, you can expect this journal to be full of game-related talk. Feel free to friend me if you for whatever reason find my blather interesting, but I cannot guarantee I will friend in return. I am generally pretty picky with my friends list, and usually only friend folks I know or folks I've observed for a while and found to be cool. And sometimes I just enjoy reading your LJ raw instead of in my friends page. Not friending you does NOT mean I hate you and don't care about your journal. Please don't take it like that. But once you are on the list, you're probably going to be there for a long, long time.
As Puu said, "These "defriending you on LJ does not mean I hate you" disclaimers should NOT BE NECESSARY. WTF."

STUPID FANGIRL ALERT: I happen to be a big fan of a certain fictional fighting game female. There may be rampant, incoherent babbling on this subject from time to time. You've been warned.

Also: I have opinions. You may or may not like and/or agree with these opinions. If you can't handle this uncertainty, don't friend me. If you can't behave yourself while disagreeing with me, you will be mocked. Fair warning.

OK, enough of this. LET'S HAPPY BLOGGING :D
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